ECMM Projects

Epidemiological Survey on Candidemia

A survey to update the epidemiological and mycological profile of candidaemia in Western Europe was started by the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) in September 1997. European convenor of the study was Prof. Renée Grillot (CHU Grenoble Hôpital Michallon, France).

A prospective, sequential, hospital population based study was carried out for 28 months. During this period a total of 2089 cases was documented by 106 hospitals in seven European countries. This survey represents the first done in Europe and the largest multicentre study in the world.

Active Working Groups

Currently active are the ECMM working groups:

Working Groups and Surveys

To the time of ECMM institution it was recognised that "...a map of the frequency and distribution of fungal infections in Europe is still lacking, and it is necessary to clarify their aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapeutic approach. The construction of such a map is one of the major aims of our Confederation." (From Mycology Newsletter, 1997 P. 5)

Rules for Working Groups

From Mycology Newsletter 1997, P. 5

Rules for Epidemiological Working Groups

A working Group is composed of a Convenor (appointed by the Council), of several national coordinators (one in each country which wants to participate) and of local investigators. Convenor and coordinators have to be members of their national Society. A study has to be approved by the Council on the basis of submission of a short project outline making clear the background and the goals of the study.

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