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The ECMM/CEMM Mycology Newsletter is the official regular edition of Confederation. Newsletter is mailed to the members of the national societies affiliated to ECMM (about 3000 copies). Twelve issues of the Newsletter have been published since 1997.
The European Confederation of Medical Mycology reserves all rights for the Mycology Newsletter.

Editorial Advisory Board

Rules for Working Groups

From Mycology Newsletter 1997, P. 5

Rules for Epidemiological Working Groups

A working Group is composed of a Convenor (appointed by the Council), of several national coordinators (one in each country which wants to participate) and of local investigators. Convenor and coordinators have to be members of their national Society. A study has to be approved by the Council on the basis of submission of a short project outline making clear the background and the goals of the study.

ECMM Statutes/Charter

European Confederation of Medical mycology / Confederation Europeenne de Mycologie Medicale (ECMM / CEMM) Statutes/Charter

The charter of ECMM was accepted and signed in Torino, on October 27, 2007.

European Confederation of Medical Mycology. Journal de Mycologie Médicale, 1993; 3: 66


1993 : The year of Europe! At the time when Europe is becoming increasingly united, the concept of a European Confederation of Medical Mycology Societies (CEMM) deserves to be realized.

The importance of Medical Mycology has markedly increased in recent years due to the steady increase of the number and severity of mycoses and the wide diversity of responsible fungi produced by new environmental conditions of the human host. Basic research using modern genetic, molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry and other investigative techniques has been applied to pathogenic fungi in humans and animals. Important progress has been accomplished in the chemotherapy of both life-threatening deep mycoses and chronic superficial mycoses.

Mycology Newsletter 2007

The new issue of Mycology Newsletter is ready. The topics covered are: Success of TIMM-2007 and extensive congress reports, new ECMM working groups and studies, announces, awards and more! You may download the electronic version of Mycology Newsletter.

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