ECMM People

2009. Christopher McKenzie, Eleonora Ratkov, Hamil Badali, Theoduli Stergiopoulou

Candida albicans recognition by and escape from macrophages.

ECMM Council and Board

ECMM Council and Board are the ruling organs of Confederation. Below is the list of the current ECMM Council and Board Members.

Edouard Drouhet

Viviani MA. Obituary: Edouard Drouhet. Mycopathologia, Volume 148, Number 3, 1 March 1999 , pp. 111-112(2).
Viviani MA. In memory of Edouard Drouhet. Mycology Newsletter. Vol. 1, 2000, pp. 4-5(2).

ECMM Board / Executive Commitee

Executive Committee (Board of ECMM) consists of the President, the Secretary (keeper of the minutes) and the Treasurer, who are elected by ECMM council.

ECMM Board for 2014-2016


Oliver Cornely

General Secretary

Katrien Lagrou


Valentina Arsic Arsenijevic

The executive Committee of ECMM for 2014-2016 was elected during the Council meeting in May, 2014.

ECMM Founding Members

Meeting for the preparation of the Confederation at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, January 15, 1993.
(From J Mycol Méd 1993; 3: 65)

ECMM Founders

From left to right the delegates representing the European Societies and Groups of Medical Mycology:

  1. J. Stenderup (Denmark) on the left Mrs Stenderup
  2. D. W. R. MacKenzie (UK)
  3. C. de Vroye ( Belgium)
  4. J. Müller (Germany)
  5. G. Freitas (Portugal)
  6. A. Lasagni (Italy)
  7. E. Drouhet (France)
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