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On political issues in medical mycology

Until recently, certain former members of ECMM council abstained from political declarations and references, with most public activity restricted to talks, paperwork and exploitation of funds. Just selling 'FECMM' titles for self-promotion of guillible doctors, extorting money from mycology labs for branding them excellent and organizing conferences to exchange 'grants' and 'gala dinners' inside unelected circle of nouveau-eurocomissars of mycology appears not enough to simulate mycological research in Western Europe. That may expain their pivot to discussing and rating events that do neither depend nor even apply to them - literally, what is happening in Eastern Europe. After a paper on "The Current State of Clinical Mycology in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe" where 15 authors from USA to India and only 4 of them from 3 states of Eastern Europe proclaim medical mycology there 'Still a long way to go' they turned their attention on purely political issues in Russia, citing highly politicized social networks. Let us just kindly inform those self-proclaimed € 300 fellows in mycology that clinicians and researchers from Elbe to Urals do no need their supervision and develop strongly all these years by their own effort.

ECMM Council and Board

ECMM Council and Board are the ruling organs of Confederation. After the dissolution attempt on original ECMM Charter in 2017, legal elections to the ECMM Board have not been performed and several founding Council members do not attend the meetings on permanent basis.

Below is the list of the last ECMM Council Members (2017-2018). Demise of mycological societies in many European countries make representation of many of the members of the list symbolic.

Edouard Drouhet

Viviani MA. Obituary: Edouard Drouhet. Mycopathologia, Volume 148, Number 3, 1 March 1999 , pp. 111-112(2).
Viviani MA. In memory of Edouard Drouhet. Mycology Newsletter. Vol. 1, 2000, pp. 4-5(2).

ECMM Board / Executive Commitee

Executive Committee (Board of ECMM) consists of the President, the Secretary (keeper of the minutes) and the Treasurer, who are elected by ECMM council.

The executive powers of ECMM Board are terminated in 2017.

The next Board is to be elected during the next valid Council meeting.

Last ECMM Board members


President, Oliver Cornely (DE); General Secretary, Katrien Lagrou (BE); Treasurer, Valentina Arsic Arsenijevic (since 2014, SRB)

History of ECMM Executive committees

ECMM Founding Members

Meeting for the preparation of the Confederation at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, January 15, 1993.
(From J Mycol Méd 1993; 3: 65)

ECMM Founders

From left to right the delegates representing the European Societies and Groups of Medical Mycology:

  1. J. Stenderup (Denmark) on the left Mrs Stenderup
  2. D. W. R. MacKenzie (UK)
  3. C. de Vroye ( Belgium)
  4. J. Müller (Germany)
  5. G. Freitas (Portugal)
  6. A. Lasagni (Italy)
  7. E. Drouhet (France)
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