New ECMM Working Group launched

TriReg - A Europe-wide Study on Trichosporonosis has been launched. Trichosporonosis is one of the so-called "emerging fungal infections" for which there are no diagnostic and therapeutic standards. TriReg has now been created to overcome the lack of knowledge on epidemiology, clinical course, biology and pathomechanisms of trichosporonosis in order to develop an evidence-based approach to the diagnosis.

The register is a web-based and open to everybody encountering a case of invasive trichosporonosis in their clinical practice and wishes to contribute the case to the registry.

New contributors are cordially invited to contribute to make TriReg a success! Read more...

Status Workshop FG Eukaryotic Pathogens on 17/18 February 2012 in Berlin

Report Statusworkshop 2011

Systemic Antifungals on the Market, by G. Maschmeyer

Georg Maschmeyer, Dept. of Hematology, Oncology & Palliative Care,
Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann, Potsdam, Germany

2005. Eleventh ECMM/2nd TIMM Congress (Berlin)

On October 23-26, 2005, for the second time ECMM and EORTC joined their efforts to convene 2nd Trends in Medical Mycology Congress.
2nd TIMM gathered 1000 participants from 53 countries.

Congress Organizers:
M. Ruhnke and J. Meis for ECMM
G. Maschmeyer and B-J. Kullberg for EORTC

From Mycology Newsletter 2006, P. 8-9

1999. Fifth ECMM Congress (Dresden)

The 5th ECMM Congress was held in Dresden, Germany, on June 3-6, 1999.

Local Organizers: H. Bernhardt, R. Blaschke-Hellmessen, C. Seebacher

From Mycology Newsletter, 1999, Vol. 1
At the 1999 meeting in Dresden we had a full and well-organised programme with both scientific and social highlights. The organisers are to be congratulated on this meeting, which was a memorable one.

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