ECMM Council and Board

ECMM Council and Board are the ruling organs of Confederation. After the dissolution attempt on original ECMM Charter in 2017, legal elections to the ECMM Board have not been performed and several founding Council members do not attend the meetings on permanent basis.

Below is the list of the last ECMM Council Members (2017-2018). Demise of mycological societies in many European countries make representation of many of the members of the list symbolic.

  Prof. Zigmunt Adamski Poland
  Dr. Maiken Cavling Arendrup Denmark/Nordic Society
  Prof. Sevtap Arikan Turkey
Prof. Valentina Arsić Arsenijević Serbia  
  Dr. João Brandão Portugal
Prof. Oliver A. Cornely Germany
  Prof. Jean-Pierre Gangneux France
  Prof. Petr Hamal Czech Republic
  Dr. Martin Hönigl Austria
  Dr. Pentti Kuusela Finland
  Dr. Lena Klingspor Sweden
  Dr. Mihai Mares Romania
Prof. Katrien Lagrou Belgium
  Prof. Gary Moran Ireland
  Prof. Vanda Plecko Croatia
  Prof. Fernando Sanchez Reus Spain
  Prof. Thomas Rogers United Kingdom
  Prof. Emmanuel Roilides Greece
  Prof. Maurizio Sanguinetti Italy
  Prof. Ester Segal Israel
  Prof. Alexey Y. Sergeev Russian Federation
  Dr. Gyula Simon Hungary
  Prof. Paul Verweij Netherlands

All members have to be delegated to the Council by their respective National Mycological Societies, one from each European country. For many persons on the list above, no one have ever actually elected them to act on behalf of their nation for years or even decades they 'represented' unregistered or even imaginary societies and were even funded by ECMM to attend the meetings.
Since 2017, all meetings of former Council members are considered partial or private.

Under ECMM charter there is no other bodies, subdivisions, committees or positions of the Confederation, and no other persons may be invited to ECMM Council. ECMM does not sell positions of privilege or promote medical mycologists for money, nor does it attest medical mycologists with relation to their sponsorship or donations of any kind.