ECMM Council

Council of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology is the official organ of Confederation, where each member of ECMM affiliated societies is represented by one delegate. Delegate meetings are scheduled on annual basis.

ECMM Council elects ECMM Board and is able to accept or modify ECMM Statutes.

The delegates have the option to appoint a representative if the delegate is unable to attend a Council. Members are responsible for the nomination of the delegates; however, all delegates are appointed for a minimum period of two years.

From Mycology Newsletter 2007, P. 1
The ECMM Council at TIMM3 in Torino. From left to right: K. Mencl (Czech Rep.), M. Ullberg (Sweden), C. Lass-Flörl (Austria), M.C. Arendrup (Nordic Soc.), J. Meis (The Netherlands), A.Y. Sergeev (Russia), I. Surmont (Belgium), M. Schaller (Germany), S. Arikan (Turkey), M.A.Viviani (Italy), B. Dupont (France), E. Segal (Israel), E. Roilides (Greece), L. Rosado (Portugal), J. Pemán García (Spain).