Young Investigator Awards since 2000

Establishing of the ECMM Young Investigators Travel Award

In 2000, Dr. Issakainen presented an idea which had originated at the 1999 Dresden meeting, based on a donation of Prof. Reinhard Rüchel and other Dresden delegates. The intention was to establish an annual poster prize the purpose of which is to support younger mycologists in study visits to other European units with specific skills in the field. The awardee will be selected on the basis of poster quality at each ECMM Congress, must not be more than 35 years old, and should not hold a permanent post. Janssen-Cilag Finland has generously agreed to fund the Award, donating EUR 1000 per year, for the first 5 years. The Executive Committee suggests that the Award be established under the name "ECMM Young Investigators Travel Award". This was accepted. The Executive Committee was asked to make the final draft of the rules for this award on the basis of a draft shown in the meeting.

Award Winners

Starting from the year 2000, Young investigator Travel awards were granted 7 times as poster prizes during ECMM congresses.