Young Investigator Awards

Roxana vitale and Ferry HagenFerry Hagen and Roxana Vitale, the winners of the 2000 and 2007 ECMM Young Investigators Travel Award.

About the Award

The ECMM Young Investigators Travel Award facilitates young, nonestablished investigators in medical mycology to make educational or practical study visits to medical mycology oriented departments or institutions in other European countries. As a rule, the Awardee will be selected from among those presenting a poster in the annual ECMM Congress. An outstanding oral presentation may also be considered.

The presentations are judged by a Prize Committee on the basis of the scientific quality, including novelty, reliability and significance, of the Awardee's presentation. The sum of the Award is presently 1000 EUR, to support the travel and living costs of one week. The institute visited is freely selected by the Awardee.

Eligibility: The Award is meant for young (not older than 35 years) persons who are citizens of European countries or work in Europe.The Awardee should not hold an established (other than grant-funded) post in medical mycology. It is also wished that the Awardee is a member of a national society or at least aims to apply for membership. Eligible first or presenting authors are preferred, but an outstanding team may be selected if it can direct the Award to junior coauthors who are eligible.