§ 5 Membership, Joining the Confederation

The Confederation shall have regular members. All mycological societies in Europe who are interested in the issues stipulated in § 1 may become members. Representation shall be by a delegate at the meetings to be held annually.

Given that the Confederation has already been in existence as a loosely organised entity since 1993, all those who have expressed their commitment to membership in writing in the earlier years shall be deemed regular members. The membership roster is now in the custody of the current keeper of the minutes or the secretary. New members shall obtain their membership through the submission of a written membership application, which shall be approved or disapproved by the council through a simple majority vote.

The regular members shall have a seat and a vote in the membership meeting and at extraordinary meetings. It shall be the task of each member to distribute to its own members relevant information received from the Executive Committee or Council of the Confederation.
If a delegate does not participate personally or send a substitute for two consecutive meetings of the Council, the Council will automatically request that a new delegate be nominated by that member.