website ISHAM Working Group Nomenclature of Clinical Fungi online

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that a website of the ISHAM Working Group Nomenclature of Clinical Fungi is finally online. The reason that this has taken so long is that we have been working on consensus articles as the first output – and consensus is a slow process. Several documents can be found on the website, protected by a password. A manuscript (“Name changes in medically important fungi and their implications for clinical practice”; in press as guest commentary in J Clin Microbiol) outlines our proposal how to handle name changes in the clinical area, and a published paper on Scedosporium gives an example of the kind of agreements that could be made in many other groups of fungi. Additionally some papers are added that are linked to the recent changes in taxonomic approaches in fungal taxonomy (One Fungus One Name). If you have any comments, suggestions, or material, we will be happy to place this on the website.
Thank you for your interest; you are listed as a member of the group. Your username is Nomenclature, password Linnaeus (case sensitive). The steering committee of the WG is listed on the home page.

Kind regards,
ISHAM WG Nomenclature of Clinical Fungi