Trichosporon infections (Tri-Reg)

TriReg – Europe-wide Study of Trichosporonosis

The incidence of invasive fungal infections is increasing worldwide. The etiology of this ongoing epidemiological development is not completely understood. However, the increasing number of immunocompromised patients seems to be a major contributing factor.

Therapeutic standards have been developed for the most frequent invasive fungal infections, i.e. candidiasis, aspergillosis and cryptococcosis. However, the so called „emerging fungi“ account for a significant number of invasive fungal infections, as well. Invasive trichosporonosis is an example of these challenging emerging fungal infections. The aim of TriReg is to overcome the lack of knowledge on epidemiology, clinical course, biology and pathomechanisms of trichosporonosis, in order to develop an evidence-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of this emerging fungal infection.

TriReg is open to anyone who encounters a case of invasive trichosporonosis in their clinical practice and wishes to contribute the case to the registry.

TriReg uses a web-based case report form accessible via, capturing data on demographics, concomitant disease, immunosuppression, diagnostic measures, clinical presentation, treatment and outcome of invasive trichosporonosis.

In addition to the collection of clinical information, contributors are encouraged to send the respective Trichosporon spp isolates to the ECMM TriReg reference laboratory for identification, susceptibility testing and molecular analysis. Furthermore, an epidemiological survey is conducted at all participating sites, to monitor trends over time.

Patients are eligible for registration, if there is cultural, histopathological, or DNA evidence of invasive trichosporonosis. Cases of colonization or non-invasive infection with Trichosporon spp. cannot be considered for analysis.


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Oliver A. Cornely, MD, FIDSA, FACP
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Kerstin Wahlers, MD 

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