Report Workshop Barcoding of Medical Fungi, 22-23 April 2014

Workhop Masterclass & Barcoding
Joint meeting organized by ECMM/ISHAM working group Scedosporium infections and ISHAM working group Barcoding Medical Fungi

Part of the meeting was organized in the format of a masterclass, meaning that all participants received the same strain set with the request to apply their own method of research. Presentations then focused on pitfalls and possibilities of the methods. The set of strains consisted of five isolates belonging to the Scedosporium apiospermum complex (including S. apiosperma, S. boydii, P. angusta and P. fusoidea) and isolates of S. aurantiacum. With this shared task we aimed to figure out, using a panel of a wide range of methods and investigators with different expertise, which species within the S. apiospermum complex represent species and which are subpopulations or variants. Also other types of research were presented, such as on antifungals and on current and alternative animal models. Thirty talks were given by participating teams highlighting their methods and achieved results. About 90 researchers from the Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe took part in this meeting.
The meeting was hosted by the CBS- Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This meeting was part of the CBS spring symposium week, which has already its tradition at the CBS and represents an important come together for many internationally well recognized experts within the field of mycology. The atmosphere of this meeting was very special, people from all over the world meet, exchanged ideas and results and build new strong collaborations during the coffee breaks, lunches, and some fantastic social events of the meeting. Lunches were held in the wonderfully blooming botanical garden of Utrecht in only 200 m distance from the CBS. The first joint dinner took place in the city centre of Utrecht at a lovely location at one of the ancient channels, where participants enjoyed live music and fantastic food. At the last evening of the meeting a great exotic Surinam buffet was cooked and served by a staff member of the CBS. We thank the CBS, especially Kasper Luijsterburg and members of the team on medical fungi for their hospitality.

The organisers,
Sybren de Hoog – Michaela Lackner – Wieland Meyer – Kathrin Tintelnot