Mycoses - agreement between ECMM and Blackwell/Wiley

ECMM and Blackwell/Wiley, the publisher of the journal Mycoses, have agreed that the Confederation will designate the Journal as its only official scientific journal publication.

The Journal will carry the following statement: “Official Journal of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology”.

Klaus Mickus, contactperson of Wiley-Blackwell, will contact the affiliated ECMM societies to investigate if they would like to make use of the special offer for members of affiliate ECMM societies as formulated in the agreement between ECMM and Wiley-Blackwell:

5 EUR for online access or 40 EUR for online and hard copy.

Please feel free to contact Klaus directly: Klaus Mickus | Journal Publishing Manager Blackwell Verlag GmbH Wiley-Blackwell Rotherstr. 21, 10245 Berlin, Germany phone: +49-30-4703 1450 AG Charlottenburg