European Conference on Mycology and Microbiology of 2018

The international conference on mycology and microbiology (ECMM2018) was convened in Moscow, Russia, on April 11-12, 2018. The meeting was summoned to commemorate important anniversaries in medical mycology: centenaries of mycological department of Moscow State University, of renowned medical mycologist Nikolay Sheklakov, and jubilee honoring memory of inventor of Russian penicillin, Zinaida Ermolyeva (1898-1974).

Over 900 delegates from Russia, CIS countries, many regions from Europe and Asia honored the memory of world-famous medical mycologist Nikolay Dmitrievich Sheklakov (1918-1990), a hero of Great Patriotic War and European anti-nazi resistance, humanist who saved thousand lives in Sachsenhausen and Bergen-Belsen German deathcamps, where he was revered as 'Doctor Nicolaus'. After WW2, he became one of the leaders of Soviet medical mycology and international peace activist.

Famous Russian microbiologist, laureate of Stalin Prize and many awards, academician Zinaida Vissarionovna Ermolyeva was the first woman who, inependently from foreign research, succeeded to produce most potent penicillin from P. crustosum in wartime USSR (1942). Born in Cossack family in 1898, she was nicknamed as 'Lady Penicillin' by G. Florey in 1943 (creator of the therapeutic-strengh penicillin in the West). Her research was pivotal for series of Russian indigenous antibiotics and reseach network, and to the prevention of Pan-European cholera epidemic during WW2. On April 11, 2018, First medals in the name of Zinaida Ermolyeva were awarded by All-Russian National Academy of Mycology to prominent Russian microbiologists and mycologists. The special joint session was organized by Academy, Russian society for history of medicine, societies and museum of her native city Rostov-on-Don.

The conference members have stated in their resolution that All-Russian National Academy Mycology has proved to become the central, self-sufficient and most reliable force to join further efforts of researchers and medical professionals in the field of medical mycology in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Two-volume book of abstracts and proceedings of the conference were published in Advances of Medical Mycology (v. XVIII и XIX).