1st National Congress of Medical Mycology organized by Turkish Society of Medical Mycology, Ankara, Turkey, 24-26 Sep 2014

The congress was organized by Turkish Society of Medical Mycology in collaboration with Gazi University Medical School, Department of Medical Microbiology. A total of 145 attendee including young microbiologists and senior scientists primarily working in the field of medical mycology participated in the congress. The scientific program of the congress (eight symposia, six keynote lectures, one integrated symposium, one case discussion session, and oral/poster presentation sessions) covered entire field of medical mycology, including topics on current status in fungal taxonomy, fungal diagnostics, antifungal susceptibility testing, therapeutic modalities, and more. A hands-on workshop on causative agents of hyalohyphomycosis preceded the congress and was attended by 15 participants. The congress and the workshop provided a very fruitful platform for collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience among scientists involved in medical mycology in Turkey.